You live your life.  You die.  You wake on the bank of a mile-wide river.  You are naked and 25 years old, but you remember dying, old and bed-ridden.  Hundreds of people, also dead, from every time of human history, awake around you.  You will never get sick, you will never age, and no child will ever be born to a woman.  The grail on your wrist will keep you fed, as long as a Grail Slaver doesn't steal it and force you to work for your food. All you have are your memories, your soul,and your sins.You are a resurrectee on Resurrection Day, when every human who has ever lived and died has been reborn on the many million-mile banks of the Great River.  Welcome to the afterlife.

This to the first and only website devoted to Philip Jose Farmer's Riverworld series. What began as classic novels of science fiction and adventure will soon be translated to the screen in the Sci-Fi Channel's upcoming pilot, Riverworld, set to air in January 2003.

Spoiler Warning: While we know next to nothing about the events in the television series, this site contains numerous spoilers of the Riverworld novels.  If you don't want to know what happens in the books, then you might want to leave.

You have been warned.