"... arise From death, you numberless infinities of souls, and to your scattered bodies go..." -- John Donne.

Spy Report: New Regular Cast Members

An anonymous spy from the production sends us information on the casting of two lead characters, one from the novels, the other probably not. 

Our spy reports that relative unknown Brian Moore, an actor from New Zealand, has been cast as "an alien," and that he reports to the set every morning at 3, due to the demands of his costuming and make-up.  

This can only be Monat, the alien in the novels who claimed to be a member of the invasion force that ultimately resulted in the destruction of earth.  Monat is a genial, polite creature who is not above using violence when called for.  

The other character, played by Jeremy Birchall, is only described as a "Polish Jew. "  There is no character in the novels that directly corresponds to this description.