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Spy Report: Extras on the Scene

Over the last few days, we've received reports from two folks who claim to have been extras in the filming of the Riverworld TV show. The extras reiterate something we've already learned: the filming is taking place near Auckland, New Zealand.

Here's report one:

Hi there,

Im just emailing to say that as an extra used in the Riverword production here in New Zealand i had a fantastic time and i believe in its success. I had a fantastic time filming and cant wait to see it in the end.  I truly hope with we can look forward to seeing a "Riverworld" series in the  future.

Here's report two:

I was an extra for the film Riverworld. It is being filmed in Auckland NZ. At the beautiful west coast beach Bethells, at the east coast beach Wendeholm as well as in the studio in the city. And Kevin Smith's part is not all that big.  In the scene I saw him in he is a bady riding a horse and taking us all as  prisoners.

It is exciting though.

Interesting, no?  Not only does this report disagree with what we learned earlier, that Kevin Smith had a prominent role, but it describes his character, Valdemar, riding a horse!  This disagrees quite distinctly from the novels: there are very few animals on the Riverworld, and none of them resemble horses.  

This could mean one of two things: 

1) Proyas and Hazeldine have changed this aspect of the Riverworld universe; horses and possibly other animals can and do exist there.

2) This scene that our scooper described is a depiction of Valdemar's life on earth before dying and subsequently appearing on the banks of the River hundreds of years later.

We've since learned that there are indeed horses on the Riverworld. Evidence?
Check out this link.