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An Official Trailer! And Website!

November, 2002
This one came to us from a faithful and anonymous reader:

There's a cool little trailer (about 1.5 minutes long) on the Alliance Atlantis website!  And the Alliance Atlantis website has been updated with a little page for Riverworld.  The banner ad is here:

It's very hard to make out anything, it's streaming video and the quality is extremely poor.

Here's what we can definitely make out: 

Mentions of aliens being on the River.

Depictions of battles taking place on numerous different locations and time periods.  It's very possible that this series will take the route of Highlander, and show numerous flashbacks to historical moments involving the characters.  

Honestly, the video is so poorly captured, it's nearly impossible to make anything out.  

Any comments?  Send them here

Also, there are a couple new cast members we hadn't heard mentioned previously, listed on the above website.

Karen Holness and Nikita Kearsley will now be gracing our cast pages.

And, the IMDB has a listing for Riverworld, with character names!  We'll be uploading our records accordingly!